Fitness Decathlon

The Fitness Decathlon is a training method designed specifically for young athletes to help develop fundamental movement skills and physical performance. Ten progressively more difficult exercises improve motor skills and physical fitness, which can be helpful in daily routine as well as learning the skills required in sport. Studies show that physical activity and practice movement skills also have a positive effect with linguistic and mathematical learning potential.



Good locomotor skills give the alertness and ability to react quickly to unexpected situations in sports and everyday activities.

Single leg jump

Single leg jump strengthens the muscles and joints of the legs and helps to elasticize movement.

Agility task

The agility task teaches to move faster forward, backward and sideways. Practicing also helps to change the direction of movement easily.

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By developing manipulative skills, moving the sports equipment becomes effortless. Training will also help to understand the speed and distance of other movers.

Figure-8 dribbling

Figure-8 dribbling is for operate ball with your feet and hands. Practicing makes it easier to sense the speed of the ball relative to your own movement.

Throwing the ball

Throwing and catching develop eye-hand coordination and teach you to use force as the situation requires.

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Body control

Improving body control can increase the ability of the body and brain to learn new movements.

Stretching- forward bending

Adequate muscle flexibility makes the movement smooth. It is also demand for the pure techniques required by the different sport events.

Rope skipping

By developing rhythmic coordination, the brain’s learning capacity increases.  It makes easier the learning of new physical and non-physical skills.

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Strength training with body weight makes it easier to move body. It also make it easier to use body muscles inclusive.

Hanging and pull-ups

Hanging and pull-ups strengthen the muscles of the upper body and especially prevent the blockage of the neck and shoulder areas

ABS in wall bars

Abdominal muscles in wall bars helps to develop strenght of middle body and hip flexors and maintain spine mobility.

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Improving endurance helps to exercise longer and to move more safely, and it also teaches guts. These are needed to practice new skills in sport, study and other areas of life.

Middle body control

Middle body control is the basis of all movement in sport. Muscle control and endurance maintain good posture and help you work ergonomically in the right positions.


Jogging strengthens both body and mind in many ways. It teaches to know the limits of own durability and use power judiciously to work longer.

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Fitness Decahtlon exercises improve your physical fitness as well as your motor skills. Practicing helps you overcome yourself and achieve your goals. Versatile exercise also refreshes your mind and gives you a restful night’s sleep.



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