Fitness Decathlon is a training and learning method for young people. It helps to develop physically active performance in a versatile and balanced manner, while creating preconditions for improving overall school performance.

Physical exercise tasks that gradually become more difficult improve basic motor skills and physical performance, benefiting both everyday physical activity and learning the skills needed in different sports. The Fitness Decathlon Exercise analysis makes it possible to monitor the balanced development of locomotor skills.

Locomotor skills

Good locomotor skills provide vigilance and the ability to react quickly to unexpected situations.

One-foot vertical jump

One-foot vertical jumps reinforce the muscles and connective tissues of the legs and helps you move smoothly.

Agility track

The agility track teaches you to move faster forwards and backwards as well as laterally. The exercise is also used to learn how to change the direction of movement effortlessly.

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Manipulative skills

By developing manipulative skills, you learn how to use different tools more easily. In addition, the training helps to better understand the movement speeds and distances of other people.

Figure 8 dribbling

Figure 8 dribbling is used to learn to handle the ball more skilfully and quickly. Practice makes it easier to perceive the speed of movement of the ball, in relation to one’s own movement.

Throwing the ball

Throwing and catching the ball develop important fine and coarse motor skills. The exercise also teaches you how to use force appropriately in your throws, in relation to your own location.


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Body control

By improving body control, the ability of the body and the brain to learn new movements and movement paths can be improved.

Forward bending

The elasticity of the body makes physical activity smooth, and you can learn correct performance techniques.

Jump rope

By developing rhythm coordination, the learning capacity of the brain increases, making learning new skills easier.

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Strength training with your body weight makes it easier to move your body and the use of your body muscles becomes more versatile.


Hanging and pull-ups strengthen the upper body muscles while preventing the neck and shoulder areas from becoming stuck.

Wall bar abs

In particular, wall bar abs can be used to develop the strength of abdominal muscles and hip flexors and to maintain spine mobility.

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Developing endurance promotes general coping and teaches perseverance. These qualities are needed when practising new skills in physical activity, studying and other areas of life.

Mid body hold

Mastering the mid body muscles is the foundation of all movement. Muscle control, strength and endurance maintain good performance and prevent mispositions that are harmful to health.


Jogging strengthens both the body and the mind in a versatile manner. It teaches you to know the boundaries of your coping and to work longer at the pace that is right for you.

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